Hananya Naftali Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife & More

Hananya Naftali is an Israeli YouTuber based in Israel. He aims to spread a good message about Israel to the world. He is known for his vlogs and social works on YouTube and also on Instagram. Let’s know more about this Young YouTuber Hananya Naftali Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife & More…

Early Life

Hananya Naftali was born on the 9th of September in the year 1995 in Julis, Israel. Julius is a small village in Israel. His father was working in Israel’s army and his mother was working in a computer company. Hananya Naftali has one younger sister and her name was Maryam Naftali. Hananya Naftali completed his schooling at a private school in Julius. After completing his schooling at Julius private school, he moved to Tel Aviv for his higher studies. He joined Tel Aviv University where he studied microtechnology. Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. Israel was known for jews and Hananya Naftali also belongs to a Jews family.


Hananya Naftali holds a bachelor’s degree in microtechnology from Tel Aviv University. When he was in the 2nd year of his higher studies, he got interested in Vlogging in the year 2012. But due to Israel’s own rule of defense, Hananya Naftali has to join the army before doing anything in his life. He served 3 years of his life in Israel’s armed force and after that, he got a job in Tel Aviv. At this time of his job, he started his YouTube channel. He created his YouTube channel on the 23rd of August in the year 2012 during his college time. But he started making videos in the year 2015 and now, he has more than 80 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Hananya Naftali was born on the 9th of September in the year 1995 in Julius, Israel which describes that Hananyas age was 26 years as of 2021. He was now unmarried and he was not dating anyone else. He was from an upper-middle-class family which the family recognizes as a jews family in Israel. His father’s name was Lio Naftali and he was working in Israel’s army. Hananya’s mother’s name was Zakia Naftali and she was working in a computer company in Tel Aviv. Besides this, Hananya Naftali has one younger sister and her name was Maryam Naftali and she studied medicine at Tel Aviv University.


Hananya Naftali was not a fitness lover. But he worked in Israel’s armed forces, so he was addicted to fitness, and eating healthy food was his daily routine now. He has a very nice body shape. His body measurements are 34-32-36. His chest size was 34 inches and his biceps size was 14 inches. Hananya’s hair color was brown and his eye color was blue like most of the people in the middle.


Like most of the YouTubers and Celebrities, Hananya Naftali was also found easily on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. He was very active on his social media accounts. He has more than 80k+ subscribers on his youtube channel and has more than 170k+ followers on Instagram. You can follow him on his Instagram for more live updates from Hananya Naftali directly. He was always active and put regular posts and stories there.


Hananya Naftali worked in Israel’s armed forces for 3 years. He got his salary from there which is about $450 every month. Besides this, he was also earning from his works on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He has more than 80k subscribers on YouTube and 170k+ followers on Instagram. He earns about $900 to $1600 every month from YouTube. Besides this, he was also earning from brand sponsorships and brand promotions on Instagram and YouTube. His total income was between $4000 – $21000 every month.


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